Affordable and Budget Friendly Nantucket Travel

Nantucket is one of the most expensive holiday areas in the US. For this reason, Nantucket travelis often expensive. And you need to plan your trip in detail if you want budget friendly summer holiday. Summers in Nantucket are one of the busiest seasons. People all around the country are visiting this small but entertaining island.

Especially rich people of New York love Nantucket. This small island is a good alternative for Rhode Island. In recent years, Hollywood celebrities enjoy short vacations on this island. In fact, Nantucket has a competition with Martha’s Vineyard. Both of these islands are luxurious.

On this lovely island, you can find world-famous fashion brands, designer items, handcraft items as well as vintage items. In addition to luxurious shopping, hotels and dining on Nantucket island are expensive as well. There are few tricks to turn your Nantucket travel into budget friendly experience. Let’s check some of these tricks.

Book Your Nantucket Travel Early

First, you need to book your hotel early. In high season, single rooms and double rooms are really expensive. You need to search some websites to get the best deals. Also, you might want to plan your trip in spring or autumn.

Summer is the high season for Nantucket. This means, hotel and other accommodation prices will be high as well. On contrary, prices during spring and autumn are relatively lower. If you don’t insist on swimming and you are good with some sightseeing, these seasons are good option. But if you want to enjoy amazing beaches, you might look for some deals.

Ditch Your Car

If you are coming to Nantucket with the ferry, you need to ditch your car. Roundtrip with your car can cost between $400 and $500. And these prices are high. But if you ditch your car, you can et tickets for $69 dollars in fast ferry. There is also a cheaper ferry for just $37. While the fast ferry takes one hour to reach Nantucket port, cheaper ferry takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Since there are lots of car rental option on the island, renting a car is a better option than paying $400 for a ferry ticket. Also, you can rent a bike and discover this lovely island by pedaling. Since the island is small, taxi is an affordable option.

Look for Cheap Flights

Instead of using a ferry, you can plan your Nantucket travelwith plane. Different airline companies are organizing flights to Nantucket Memorial Airport which is known as ACK. If you fly to Nantucket, you can book your flight in advance. This way, you can find some affordable plane tickets. Also, booking your ticket in advance is beneficial as it is really hard to find a seat during summer.

Avoid Luxury Shopping

We all know luxury shopping is tempting. And there are tons of luxury shopping options in Nantucket. But if you want to keep the control of your budget, you might want to avoid some luxury. There are also affordable options during your Nantucket travel.