Nantucket Shopping Options for Every Budget

In Nantucket, you will find plenty of shopping options. Nantucket shopping of course comes with price. In general, there are high prices stores with unique handmade products. But don’t worry. There are still budget friendly shopping options on this tiny but luxurious island.

As we all know, Nantucket has become one of the luxurious holiday places in the US. Rich elites of New York are visiting this gem. Nantucket is as popular as Martha’s Vineyard and Rhode Island. And you can see why this small island is this popular.

There are million-dollar worth houses and estates on the island. As the residents are rich people with elite taste, the island has evolved to meet these demands. Of course, this island offers options for normal tourists with limited budget.

From Shopping Malls to Boutiques

When you want to experience Nantucket shopping, you will have plenty of options. There are different shopping malls as well as small and local boutiques. But you can’t find any national chain stores on this island. Nantucket county has banned all national chain stores on the island. In this sense, this small island was able to protect that authentic look. Also, small shop owners are able to show their product to visitors.

You need to start your Nantucket shoppingspree from town center. Most of the luxurious brands and local designers are located in the city center. There are also budget friendly shopping option in this town.

You can start your day with a nice cup of coffee. Then, you can start discovering authentic streets of Nantucket. In the afternoon, you might relax on the beaches and swim in the Atlantic. At night, you can sit in a fancy restaurants and have some seafood. And you can do all of them with affordable prices.

Luxurious Nantucket Shopping

If you want luxurious Nantucket shoppingexperience, you should start your day from Serenella. This luxurious store has some of the most famous brands. Some of the brands in Serenella include Bottega Veneta, Pucci and K. Jacques.

For summer sportswear, you can head to Haul Over. This shop has everything you need for surfing and boating. Some famous brands like Patagonia and the North Face are sold in this small shop. If you forget some of your surfing gear, head to Haul Over before going down to beach.

If you are looking for something local, Murray’s Toggery Shop will be your favorite. In fact, Murray has been preparing cloths for important people in Nantucket since 1945. This traditional little shop has marine themed items as well as other chic looks.

Budget Friendly Nantucket Shopping

Of course, there are some affordable and budget friendly Nantucket shoppingplaces. Seconds Shop sells secondhand luxury cloths with affordable prices. If you are an experienced secondhand shopper, you will find treasures in this small but lovely shop.

Hospital Thrift Shop and currentVintage has some amazing vintage clothing. And prices are not as high as luxurious brands. All you need to do is take your time and discover what these small shops offer to you.