Visit Nantucket for a Unique Experience

Nantucket is an amazing island to visit in Massachusetts. There are lots of things to do in Nantucket. But if you want to plan a budget friendly trip, you need to plan everything in advance. On contrary to general belief, this island is extremely expensive. In fact, this island is all about luxury. You can find millions of dollar worth mansions and summer houses. Also, you can find some of the best restaurants in the US. Celebrities and important businesspeople are visiting this tiny island to have some vacation. If you plan your travel carefully, you can enjoy a good holiday within your budget.

Transportation to Nantucket

When you are planning to visit Nantucket, you will have two options to reach the island. First, you can take the ferry. Ferry is a good option if you are living in one of the nearby states and counties. But if you are coming from one of the far away states, your only option is flight. Different airline companies are organizing flights to this lovely island. Generally, these flights are seasonal. So, you will have limited options if you want to fly to this island during autumn or winter. If you book your flight in advance, you can find some cheap flight to Nantucket. This way, you can save some money from your budget. And you can use this money for better accommodations or to dine in luxury restaurants.

Accommodation in Nantucket

After deciding on how to travel to this island, you need to book a place to spend your holiday. Luxurious hotels of this island are famous. You can book one of these luxurious hotels and enjoy every aspect of this small island. If you want some cheaper options, there are inns and bed and breakfast options. Generally, these inns are good for families. You can stay at town center or choose a hotel outside the town. In any case, Nantuckethas an accommodation option for everyone.

Dining in Nantucket

When you are on this lovely island, you must try seafood. There are lots of different seafood restaurants spread around the island. Mainly, you will find some luxurious and nice restaurants in town center. While having your dinner, you can enjoy the amazing view of the Atlantic. In addition to fine dining restaurants, there are affordable options as well. You can east in one of the delis or take-out restaurants. Also, there are different cafes on the island for both lunch and dinner. Food on this island is delicious. For breakfast, you can have a fresh cup of coffee with some pastry or eggs. You will always find amazing places to eat in Nantucket.

What Can You Do on This Island?

When you are on the island, you can start your day by discovering the town center. There is a museum you can visit as well. Or you might head to beaches to get suntanned and enjoy the sea. One of the best ways to visit this island is to rent a bike. You can also bring your own bike with the ferry which is an affordable option compared to car.