ACK Travel Guide for Best Experience

In this article, we will give you a detail information about ACK travel. ACK is actually used for Nantucket. First, we will explain why ACK is used for Nantucket. It is pretty interesting. Then, we will dig deeper, and we will show what you can do in your Nantucket trip.

This amazing island is one of the best summer destinations in Massachusetts. There are different beaches. And all those beaches on the island are open to public. This means, you can go one of the beaches and swim just as you want. Also, there are some historical places to see in Nantucket as well.

Why Is Nantucket Called ACK?

Many people get confused when they hear Nantucket and ACK are actually the same place. Well, they are not wrong to get confused. Official name of this island is Nantucket. But the airport in Nantucket is called ACK. So, you might often hear ACK traveloptions.

Nantucket Memorial Airport has a strange code. Generally, airport codes are the first three letters of the town or city. In this case, Nantucket should have had NAN. But there is one restriction here. In US, N first letter signifies military airports. So, Nantucket Memorial Airport cannot have NAN. Instead, they have combined few letters in Nantucket and gave this airport ACK code. So, when someone talks about ACK travel or ACK flight, you will know that they are talking about Nantucket.

Why You Should Visit Nantucket

When you book you ACK traveland visit Nantucket, you will have an amazing experience. This island has amazing beaches and traditional atmosphere. Everything on this island reminds us a beautiful coastal town. Some buildings and houses on the island also reflect European architecture. As Europeans have settled on this island on 17thcentury, it is only natural to see their traces.

ACK Travel Guide

When you are visiting Nantucket, you might want to start your tour from town center. There are lots of different restaurants and stores in town center. And it is the most entertaining places of the island. Then, you can start discovering other places of Nantucket. For swimming, you can go to beaches that surround the island. Total length of the beaches on this island are 100 miles which corresponds to roughly 80km. And as we have said, all of these beaches are open to public.

If you want a unique experience, you can rent a car and visit the entire island. Since Nantucket is s flat piece of land, riding a bike is not challenging. Also, kids love this activity. After you bike ride, you can swim in the ocean and enjoy the sun.

Enjoy Luxury on Nantucket

There are lots of luxurious restaurants, hotels and cafes in Nantucket. So, when you are on this tiny island, you can experience all kinds of luxury. There are stores that sell designer items. Additionally, you can find some vintage items. You need to be part of this luxury and comfort for your ultimateACK travel experience.