ACK Shopping and Travelling

Nantucket is an amazing place to visit. This island is especially lovely during summer. This town is also known as ACK. So, you can hear things like ACK shopping, ACK travel and ACK flights. Actually, this is the code of Nantucket Memorial Airport. This abbreviation has become popular and some people started to use it.

Nantucket is a small island about 30 miles away from mainland. This island is a county in Massachusetts state. This small island is known for luxury and expensive houses. Some houses on the island can go up to $2-3 million. For this reason, Nantucket is often visited by wealth people and celebrities.

How to Reach Nantucket?

If you want to go to Nantucket, you will have two options. You can either fly or take the ferry. If you are living in one of the nearby states, ferry is a good option. You can park your car in ferry carpark and take the ferry. This is cheaper option. Car tickets for the ferry can be $500 in high season. So, most people choose to leave their car on the mainland.

If you are living in one of the farther states, flight is better option. Different airline companies have seasonal fights to Nantucket. So, you can find flights to Nantucket during summer. Since Nantucket is a popular destination, it is better to book your seat before summer.

Is Nantucket Expensive?

Nantucket is known for luxury. There are luxurious hotels, restaurants and other activities. Also, ACK shoppingis one of the luxurious activities on the island. But as in all other luxurious places, there are affordable option in this town as well.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on holiday, you can still enjoy yourself in Nantucket. There are inns and B&Bs with affordable prices. When you visit the beaches, you don’t need to pay parking fee. Also, beaches around the island are free and open to public.

There are both luxurious restaurants in Nantucket and normal restaurants. You can always find delicious and affordable restaurants and cafes on this lovely island.

Where to Stay in Nantucket?

This will depend on your budget. If you can afford a luxurious holiday, seaside hotels or city center hotels can be good a choice. But these are often expensive. You can choose an inn or B&B. Recently, homeowners on this island are opening their house via Airbnb. So, you can probably find some goods options on this website. Also, when you use Airbnb, you can be a part of this amazing island.

ACK Shopping Destinations

Although Nantucket is a small island, you can find different ACK shoppingdestinations. Mainly, most ACK shoppingstores are collected around the town center. There are amazing luxury designers and brands in these shops. Also, when you walk around the city, you can find hidden boutiques in the city. There are also shopping options near beaches. These stores often sell beachwear and swimwear. When you are in Nantucket, you will definitely find something you want to buy and take home.